Our studio has over 50 years of working within the communications industry, with a heavy focus on creating architectural visualisation for our clients.


Paragon Studios is based on driving forward with new technology and delivering innovative solutions in architectural visualisation, CGI and graphic design to our clients.


Paragon Studios has developed an enviable reputation for delivering a wide range of creative services to help win competitions, generate funding, gain planning permission and securing high level exposure.


We will travel across the UK to discuss any project with our clients at no cost. We offer our expertise to ensure each project has a creative advantage with a focus on work winning solutions.


From inception, Paragon Studios has continued to deliver work winning solutions in architectural visualisation, CGI and graphic design on time, on budget every time.


Our studio is open Monday – Friday, 8am until 6pm. However, projects often require flexible hours. We always support our clients, whatever the circumstances beyond these hours at an agreed rate.


Architectural Visualisation is the art of producing visuals to help communicate the true design, light, real life imperfections and composition a photograph portrays of a building or group of buildings. Our style is photorealistic but depending on client requirements mix photorealism with sketches and post-production.

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A Photomontage is the process of layering computer generated images (CGIs) with architectural photography to communicate how a future development will appear in situ. Unlike Verified Views, there are multiple factors and variables that mean the visual accuracy of such images can be questioned.

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Visually Verified Views, Visual Impact Assessments, Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs) or Verified View Montages (VVMs), are an essential part of any planning application. Paragon Studios apply accurate and concise methodologies to produce our images whilst complying with the necessary guidelines.

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Paragon Studios create compelling animations to help our client’s audiences experience their project through a guided path. Our style of choice is cinematic, but working with clients we ensure the purpose of each animation is achieved whether dreamy, photorealistic, cinematic or technical to help communicate the right message.

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Our USP is that our artists are either architects or engineers. Not only can we produce creative and realistic images, we ensure they are technically correct. Due to this technical understanding of the built environment, we help our clients communicate the technical aspect of construction or managing the existing and surrounding sites.

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We produce 360-degree images to allow our clients to visualise a building or scheme in an immersive and engaging manner. Merging virtual reality technology with our architectural visualisation capabilities enables architects, developers and contractors to transport their clients from the comfort of the office, on-site or at home in to the heart of a scheme.

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Combining the Studios architectural visualisation capabilities and gaming technology, we enable clients to self-navigate their way through their projects. This is enhanced further by applying assets that allows users to interact with the space, making real time design decisions by altering the design, layout and assets within the project.

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At Paragon Studios, we pride ourselves in delivering the very best design service for our clients. Design is our passion, if you need branding from scratch, beautifully crafted logos or brochures that stand out from the rest we’d love to talk to you. If your bid needs bringing to life, our team can help you deliver a world-class submission.

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Paragon Studios in partnership currently provide architectural photography to architects, construction companies, developers and designers to help market organisations or their schemes. We have worked on projects as far away as Australia, the Middle East and throughout the UK capturing buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects.

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Our Workflow

  • Meet & Consult
  • Stage One
  • Stage Two
  • Stage Three

Meet or discuss to Understand the brief. Discuss and agree best way to deliver final project, understanding the key elements required including full deliverables & timescales.

We start the process of creating the 3D model or we check out and tweak yours and position all the camera angles. We’ll provide you with a clay render/wireframe view to discuss and agree the camera angles, so it is very important that each angle is confirmed at the beginning of the process. It is highly recommended that all/any remodelling occurs before we move to stage two.

Throughout this part of the process we test the lighting, populating the scene and work on the materials, inserting 3D people; if requested, and develop the general mood/style of the image in line with our initial discussions.

At this part of the process, the images begin to come to life!!! “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” – Roald Dahl

We’ll begin to use extensive amount of post working, generating the mood and style agreed and bring the images to life so they ‘’leap out of the screen’ or ‘off the page’.

Once finished and shared with the Project Team, we ‘II make the final adjustments and complete.