Construction Sequencing

Our USP is that our artists are either architects or engineers. Not only can we produce creative and realistic images, we ensure they are technically correct. Due to this technical understanding of the built environment, we help our clients communicate the technical aspect of construction or managing the existing and surrounding sites.

By producing technical animations, we help our clients demonstrate complex site logistics and/or full installation phasing to communicate to their clients they have a clear understanding of the complexities of each project. Mixing animation and motion graphics we help visualise time-based processes, foresee potential conflicts and articulate potential solutions. Using 4D (time) alongside the 3D animation helps clients understand the timescales throughout the construction schedule. We directly link each key activity of a construction program chart to the model.

Our animations represent planned construction sequences set against time. The main purpose of a construction sequence animation is to enable our clients to help visualise potential logistical issues or unforeseen inefficiencies that their clients may not have considered and more importantly win more work.